sugar daddy pay

How much should a sugar daddy pay ?

As a generous sugar daddy, how much should you pay for a sugar baby when you plan to start a sugar date with sugar baby on the sugar baby website ? The answer to this question is different for every sugar daddy and sugar baby.

1. How much is the assets of Sugar Daddy?

Sugar Daddies, asset strength is the most critical factor. Sugar Daddies, monthly income is $30,000, so he can choose to pay $16,000 or $20,000 for dating with a sugar baby, but if Sugar Daddies, monthly income is $3,000. Then, the amount he can use to pay for sugar dating will be very small, and even he is not enough to call it a sugar daddy. No sugar baby is willing to date a sugar daddy with a small income, not enough to pay the sugar baby allowance.

2. The purpose of establishing a relationship with the sugar baby

What is the purpose of dating a sugar baby? Want to get a long-term companionship? Need a stimulating experience about sex? Have a short weekend with the sugar baby? This will allow the sugar daddy to pay a different amount to get the sugar of the sugar baby.

3. Does the sugar baby attract you?

Would you like to establish a sugar relationship with a sugar baby that doesn't appeal to you? Most sugar daddies have the answer: No. No sugar daddy will pay a subsidy for an unattractive sugar baby. A beautiful young sugar baby will get a lot of opportunities to date with the sugar daddy. She can even make a choice to establish a relationship with a sugar daddy. Of course, the high price paid by the sugar daddy can get this opportunity.

How much money a sugar daddy should pay depends on many factors. You can't ask for a sexual relationship in a legal strip club.You can't indicate on the sugar baby website that you will not pay the allowance. You can't pay a small allowance for each sugar baby and ask them to give you more sugar.