dating with girl

Notes on your first date with a girl !

A great sugar dating is what many sugar daddies think about. On the sugar baby website, it was difficult to get a sugar baby out, but many sugar daddy failed when dating, and did not get the best experience. So, what should I pay attention to when I first date a sugar baby?

1 Neat Instrument

No matter what your looks are, you must be neat and tidy, dressed cleanly and neatly, and have a good mental appearance. You must not be as tired as staying up all night, or you must not pack yourself, so that the first impression will go down. Attention should be paid to inner beauty, but first, dressing yourself clean is a respect for the opposite sex; secondly, a lie we all know is: this is not a face-seeing world. Therefore, no matter what the innate is, the efforts of the day after tomorrow must be necessary. Respecting the sugar baby is also beneficial to yourself.

2 The Specific Content Of Dating Must Be Discussed In Advance

Do not two people meet each other at the agreed place, "What shall we do?" "What do you like to eat?" Such questions will put the situation into a rigid zone, or there is no good idea for the sugar baby, you will delay again After a long day, I finally chose a restaurant for dinner. After I went there, I had to wait in line to fill the crowd. After waiting for a long time, I finally got to the table. You said to the other party, "How is this dish?" silence. Such a date must be unhappy and go home. Therefore, a successful date must be prepared in advance, where to go, what to do, whether to eat or watch a movie, whether the restaurant is set, whether the movie ticket has been bought, how to go, what to bring, you must plan in advance, so that Will not ram around.

3 Strong Leadership

In fact, girls often have "selection difficulties", as do sugar babies. So it is best that you provide a plan to go here or there, or you decide, ask the other party's opinions appropriately, and then modify or change. And a date that you can take care of yourself with great care will make the sugar baby feel extremely considerate and satisfied. You only need to be responsible for eating and playing during the trip. Who would not like such a date?

4 Be Polite And Respect The Sugar Baby

Treat each option carefully, and never be late. Don't let the other party feel disrespect. Of course, you may not have such thoughts in your heart, but people can't communicate with each other's mind. They can only speculate through performance. Thinking in other places, maintaining politeness, and respecting each other are not only skills in love, but also one of the rules of interpersonal communication.

5. Stay Natural

Of course, we want to let each other see each flashing place, but it must be "real us", we can perform flawlessly on the first date, but the first intention is not for future contacts ? Such a false self will be exposed in subsequent contacts, and even the disappointment brought by this gap will be more serious, so try to be a true and polite self, respect the sugar baby, and let the sugar baby feel his own heart This is enough.