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Secret Benefits Review

Secret Benefits.com is one of the shortest-lived but fast-growing sugar baby dating websites. The site was founded in 2015, but in just a few years there have been millions of users. Secretbeefits.com is the ideal online sugar baby dating website for Attractive Sugar Baby and Generous Sugar Daddy. Sugar daddy can get the sugar of the sugar baby, the sugar baby can also get the benefits from the sugar daddy. Getting a mutually beneficial relationship for the user is one of the goals established by the website.

Secret Benefits has been thriving in a few years and has taken its place in numerous sugar baby dating sites. Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy can indeed find their own mutual benefit relationship here. They can give you more opportunities to build sugar relationships through fast and accurate searches. Sugar babies can use all the features of the site for free, and sugar daddies need to pay for some features before they can continue.

Getting Started

The first is the registration process. The registration process of the website is very simple and can be completed with only a small amount of information. However, this website also has a very strict review system. They will try to review and approve the user's profile and photos in a short time. They will remove the fake sugar baby and sugar daddy to protect the interests of real users from being deceived.


The advantages of SecretBenefits.com are quite obvious. With a simple registration step and a quick and accurate user search, you can get a chance to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy. They have a large selection of search filters, including verified profiles, relationship status, race, body type and age, and several other options.Viewing user online status is also one of the features that can be used.


SecretBenefits.com does not have a membership system, and Sugar Daddy needs to purchase credits to use the full site features.

  • 100 credits: $59.00 (costing $0.59 each)
  • 500 credits: $169.00 (costing $0.33 each)
  • 1000 credits: $289.00 (costing $0.28 each)
  • Sugar baby free to use

The payment system is very secure and the credits are not automatically renewed. Use a different number of credits for different functions and you will need to purchase them yourself after you have used them.


The function is practical but lacks some interesting features, making the sugar baby and the sugar daddy who come here lack flirting.
There is no membership system, so there is a lack of wealth certification for Sugar Daddy. Sugar babies need real contact to know exactly how much sugar they can get in a mutually beneficial relationship.
In the era of rapid development of mobile phone applications, the site did not provide free downloadable apps, which is also a shortcoming.

Final evaluation

Whether you are a sugar baby or a sugar daddy, you can find a mutually beneficial sugar relationship on SecretBenefits.com. This sugar baby dating site is simple in design and lacks functionality, but it is very practical. The short-term boom has also given the site a good reputation. Overall, this is a online dating site worthy of the sugar daddy and the sugar baby experience.

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