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Seeking Arrangement Review

Seeking Arrangement is a sugar baby dating site founded in 2006. The founder of the site is Brand Wade, who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. College students are the main users of the website, and 80% of the 10 million members claimed to be sugar babies.

Seeking.com's founder, Brandon Wade, should be well aware of the college students' troubles for tuition. The site claims to have 10 million members, the ratio of sugar daddy/mommy and sugar baby is 1:4, and almost 60% of them are college sugar babies. The website premium member is free for college sugar babies, but if you need to certify college students, you need to use the school mailbox to log in.

Getting Started

Sugar daddies and sugar babies can use the email or other means to register, but you should carefully choose your identity and gender when registering. The registration process is the same as many sugar baby websites, choose the location, gender, age, some words about you and the person you want to seek. Of course, the most important thing is to upload personal photos and private photos.

Basic features

  • Custom location, age, gender match
  • View profile and public photos
  • Send instant message and emails
  • Read blogs and some dating tips

Premium Members

Premium Members of Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mommy are relatively expensive and have only 30 and 90 day options.


  • 30 days subscription: $89.95 (about $3.00 per day)
  • 90 days subscription: $239.85 (about $2.66 per day)
  • Sugar Baby 30 days subscription: $20.00
  • College sugar baby: Free

Seeking sells different prices for Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby, and 1 month subscription service will be updated automatically. Members of the site cannot refund after payment.

Premium membership features

Seeking.com's features are not as complete as SugarDaddyMeet.com, and the experience is slightly lacking, but it can also meet the needs of most users.

  • Check the email message and reply
  • Priority recommendation
  • View private photo.
  • Unlimited viewing and sending message
  • Hide activity status
  • Inbox classification
  • Write down member notes

Final evaluation

This sugar baby website features outstanding 10 million users in more than 139 countries and millions of college sugar baby members. However, the shortcomings of the website are also obvious. The review time is too long when registering. The website indicates that it takes 48 hours to review the profile, and the function of the website is relatively less explored, and there is a lack of interest in online dating. But this is still a sugar baby dating site that is worthy of seeking a mutually beneficial sugar relationship.

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