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What can I do to make girls like me ?

Love is an experience that every young person will have, but there are countless problems in love.

"Love" is usually time-effective. How long can the "love" between lovers last?

Why do those boys or girls who "like" themselves have a short time? Why can't stand the test of time?

When a boy actively pursues a girl for a period of time, he will give up when he fails to respond effectively. Why?

In love, to understand each other, you must first understand yourself!

In the relationship, many things are caused by passion. The reason for the passion is dopamine secretion from the body. Dopamine is a very amazing hormone, and it can almost be said that it controls human emotions. Then the dopamine secretion will fade away with the passage of time, that is to say, if you have not chased your favorite person for a long time, the dopamine secretion in the body will decrease and the enthusiasm will gradually disappear. When the enthusiasm of one party diminishes, even if the other party has an emotion, it is too late.

get a girl to like me

When the boy has been pursuing the girl, but the relationship has not been answered, he will choose to leave because he only gets enough disappointment.

So why not be a cold man, let girls actively like you, and actively pursue you? How to do it?

1. Recognize your role
Like a girl, don't give gifts casually. Most girls won't like a gift of love from a stranger man. For girls, you are a stranger. If you want to have more contact with her, the best way is to get to know each other through chat, let you get familiar with each other, and get closer to each other.
2. Unconventional gift giving behavior
When both of you are familiar enough to give gifts to express your love, you can use some different ways of giving gifts. Ordinary people will choose to give particularly valuable gifts on major holidays, but this may make the other person feel that you are giving gifts because of this holiday, not because of love for her. We can send some special gifts to make girls think you care about her very much.

Like-confession (pursuit)-love-marriage (?)
This is the process of being with a girl. It may seem simple, but you will experience many things in the process.

To achieve the ultimate goal, the following things are likely to be experienced:
1. This girl is attractive to me, I might like her
2. Want to approach her
3. She is indeed my "dream lover" and I want to pursue her
4. In order to pursue her, I need to know more about her
5. She has more interaction with me and her attitude has changed
6. She and I have some common hobbies, such as like the same movie, the same book

There are many more things going on in the process, and everyone's experience will be different. For a girl to like you, you have to do your best, and then use some tips in the pursuit.