sugar daddy dating notes

What to watch out for when dating sugar baby ?

Many people can talk to sugar baby on the sugar baby website, but they will be at a loss when they first date. This is a huge challenge for many people.

Synthesizing many problems, the author mainly lists the following situations:

1. How do I dress for the first dating ?

For Sugar Daddy, as long as it is neat and odorless. The sugar baby doesn't need to make too much makeup, so it will be fine.

2. There is only simple communication on the sugar baby website. What topics are there when they meet ?

When you meet, ask some questions that you can also ask when communicating on the sugar baby website. In fact, it is not necessary, so in fact, it is best to find the topic according to the dating environment, and judge the personality of each other from these situations.

3. What activities should be done for dating ?

It is best if the first event can be special and both parties are interested. However, if there is no special event, I personally think that dating is not only a matter of watching movies. Because dating should have a lot of communication.

4. What restaurant should I choose ?

I personally think that the more ordinary restaurant is better, at least it can not be expensive restaurant. On the one hand, there is not much pressure on both sides to eat in ordinary restaurants. For example, if the income of the other party is relatively low, there is not much pressure on the guests / be invited / paying each other; on the other hand, it can also be shown that the other party can also accept to eat in ordinary restaurants, which means that they can also share their sufferings in the future.

5. Should sugar dad pay for dinner ?

As far as sugar daddy is concerned, it is reasonable for individuals to invite sugar babies to eat for the first dating. Sugar daddies are also more generous at this time. After all, choosing to build a relationship requires demonstrating your ability to pay enough allowances to sugar babies.

6. How to attract sugar baby/sugar daddy ?

Personally, I don't want to be shy when I meet. I have to have slight physical contact during the first one or two dates when appropriate, so that the two parties will not have a "just good friend" feeling.

In addition, there are two things to keep in mind when dating

The first thing is to turn off the phone's notifications before dating. On the one hand, you will become intent on dating with the other person. On the other hand, if you are sending messages with different opposite sex, the date will not let the other person see that you are sending messages with other opposite sex, thus destroying the entire date.

The second thing is how to measure each other's enthusiasm. Personally, I think the best way to measure enthusiasm is to see if the other party follows their behaviors / requirements. The requirements here are not monetary requirements, but behavioral requirements. For example, slight physical contact but the other party does not feel any resistance at all, and even actively make back physical contact with you at this time.